Blinds and Shades can protect your rooms from cold, heat, light or offer privact control.

At Fockel's all of our blinds are custom made to fit your window dimentions. Our designers will come to your home and help you select the proper blind or shade perfect for your room or budgeet.

We also offer custom installation.

A note on installation: We recommend that customers have our professional installer install their window treatments. All blinds and shades have different brackets and mounting instructions, our installers are familiar with the products and can save the customer allot of time and frustration. Drapery and fabric treatments need special attention. The fabric needs to be dressed out, and steaming may need to be done to help remove any wrinkles.


Custom Drapes

Bring out the beauty of your home's decor.

Custom Blinds

Blinds and Shades can protect your rooms.

Bedding & Pillows

We offer a large assortment of bedding and accessories.